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Mongolia Motorcycles

Mongolia Motorcycle Adventure Part I

5 Responses to Mongolia Motorcycles

  1. Karen

    Not sure if you are checking back in BUT, I am working in Kazakhstan right now and looking at buying a bike either in Kazakhstan (Ural) and riding into Mongolia in May/June or flying into Ulaanbaatar and buying a bike there. Buying there I sell there and I don’t care the make, buying here, I take it home with me.

    What is the price range for buying at the Black Market?


    • backpackeracker

      Hi Karen,

      You can find a bike there for anywhere from $500US to $6000US. A lot of Chinese lower end motorcycle but also a lot of Hondas, which are more reliable and can be fixed easier in the countryside.

      • Jack Kuenzle

        Very similar situation to Karen. I want to do some riding in Russia, and I would like to buy a bike in KZ or in Mongolia, really don’t care in which country. What was the market like? How much did you buy your bike for? I was originally thinking a Japanese bike, for better handling and reliability on the Russia offroads, but now I don’t know, I am also taking into account the availability of parts on the Russian bikes. How many bikes were at the market? How difficult was the registration and customs process? Thanks so much!!

    • Jack Kuenzle

      Karen, what did you end up doing? Were you able to get a bike?

  2. willian

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