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The Mongolia Motorcycle Adventure Pt. 2

The black market was packed with people buying and selling things you didn’t even know existed.  On one dusty walkway one could find car bumpers while the next stall consisted of only old, rusty shovels.  Papa Mongolia feverishly bargained with the unshaven Mongolian on our behalf and we were able to secure a deal for … Continue reading »

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The Mongolian Motorcycle Adventure Pt. 1

There are times in life when things start to feel stagnant.  The extremity of the feeling varies person by person but there is little doubt that every person who has walked this beautiful earth has felt that helpless feeling.  Helpless no more we decided.  After a year in ultra-conservative, think-in-the-box South Korea, we needed a … Continue reading »

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Heading West…yet again…

From here forward, every step I take will be one that brings me closer to my true “home” and my friends and family I haven’t seen in over a year.  It is the  longest I have gone in my life with out seeing one familiar face, even an old friend from summer camp would have … Continue reading »

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