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Author Archives: backpackeracker

The Mongolia Motorcycle Adventure Pt. 2

The black market was packed with people buying and selling things you didn’t even know existed.  On one dusty walkway one could find car bumpers while the next stall consisted of only old, rusty shovels.  Papa Mongolia feverishly bargained with the unshaven Mongolian on our behalf and we were able to secure a deal for … Continue reading »

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More Than Soccer Part I

When you first land in a new country one of the major requirements is drinking the local beer to gage how the trip will go.  Smooth, cheap beers with a bit of aftertaste means heavy drinking with heavy hangovers (think Thailand, China, Panama).  The beer that assaults your tastes buds from the first sip, yet … Continue reading »

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With A Stranger to Telluride

Rideshares.  The thoughts that come to mind when I read that word are serial killers and well…serial killers.  I report to you, my loyal readers, (mostly now my grandma and her bridge club) from the friendly confines of the Steaming Bean Coffee shop in Telluride, Colorado.  I arrived last night to stay with my nomadic … Continue reading »

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Backpacker Acker in Men’s Journal

My Mongolian Motorcycle Trip was picked up by Men’s Journal who gave readers an accurate view of  what Mongolia might be like.  Steve Russell, the writer, did it justice and my thanks to everyone at that fine magazine that begs you to “Live the Interesting Life.” Pick up a copy at newstands all over…   … Continue reading »

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Top 5 Short-Term Work Adventures. What’s on your list?

Surely it isn’t our destiny as humans to work in cubicles and grind away the hours.  Days turn into weeks, weeks into months.  I’m quite sure we aren’t supposed to be just “trying to get through” the week.  In a perfect world, we enjoy the workweek and it is looked at as an event leading … Continue reading »

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The Mongolian Motorcycle Adventure Pt. 1

There are times in life when things start to feel stagnant.  The extremity of the feeling varies person by person but there is little doubt that every person who has walked this beautiful earth has felt that helpless feeling.  Helpless no more we decided.  After a year in ultra-conservative, think-in-the-box South Korea, we needed a … Continue reading »

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Because Forgetting Isn’t Just

Taylor Anderson was an English Teacher in Japan.  She spent the last 15 minutes of her life on a bicycle returning to her home after helping students find their families after the 9.0 earthquake.  Here’s to Taylor Anderson, bicycles and selfless people. In what I thought was the epitome of selfless, a quote from her … Continue reading »

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Thoughts are with Japan

Title says it all.  The American Red Cross has a program where you can donate $10.00 by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999. May peace be with all of you. Backpacker Acker

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We think we can…We think we can…

The little engine built by the “most powerful” country in the world that simply…couldn’t.  Lunch in another city 200 miles away and back home in an hour or two? Crazy you say?  All this normal living has corrupted my brain hasn’t it? ????? That’s “been there, done that” in Chinese.  Well it’s either that or … Continue reading »

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Scrappin my way Northward

The last time I left you, I was having a cup of coffee on Luna´s Castle´s dime after which I´m sure we all are aware (and had a good chuckle) they called me out on it (see comments section from Panama) which I´m thinking (and know) was greaaaat entertainment for all my friends.  I´d like … Continue reading »

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